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Place of Birth: Incheon, Rep. of Korea

Nationality: Korean & US permanent residence

Family: Married with two daughters

Military Service: Lieutenant, Korean Army



Strategic patent analysis and prosecution: essential patent IPR and licensing for mobile computing and wireless communications; patent engineering for emerging technology portfolio development

Technology and innovation management: R&D management; IP management; competitive intelligence; technology valuation; technology commercialization strategy

Business coordination: strategic business development for Korean IT & telecom market; standardization


Ph.D. in Physics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, M.D. (1995)

M.S. in Physics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea (1988)

B.S. in Physics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea (1986)


Cross-Competitor Analysis, Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence (2008)

Global IP Management, Franklin Pierce Law Center IP Summer Institute (2008)

Technical Writing, IEEE Boston Section Continuing Education (2008)

CVA Course, International Association of Certified Valuation Advisor (2003)


Principal, TechIPm LLC, Burlington, MA (2009.4 - present):

Essential patents analysis and licensing for 4G mobile communications and RFID; Patent prosecution for multi-national IPR; Emerging technology analysis for competitive intelligence; Research for innovation mining process; Strategy consulting for Korean IT & telecom business development

Sr. Advisor, IPR Business Strategy Institute, WIPS Co., Seoul, Korea (2006.6 - 2009.3):

Strategic patent analysis; IP management methodology development; Patent licensing and valuation; Emerging IP business analysis

Research Project: 'Patent analysis for emerging ICT (RFID, IEEE 802.11n, IPTV, Biometrics)', 2007.1 - 2008.12, funding from Korea Intellectual Property Office

Visiting Scholar & Academic Fellow, School of Management, Boston University, Boston, MA (2006.3 - 2007.2):

Business strategy research for emerging IT & telecommunication technology Application of option theory for Blue Ocean Strategy

Research Project: Blue Ocean Strategy for Emerging ICT Business', 2006.1 - 2006.6, funding from Duzon C&T Inc.

Co-founder & Sr. Fellow, u-City Forum, Seoul, Korea (2005.5 - 2008.4):

Ubiquitous Computing City (u-City) strategic planning; Research for u-City service model; International collaborations

Research Project: 'u-City Service Scenario and System Architecture'; 2005.8 - 2005.12, funding from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Visiting Professor, Information & Communications Engineering Dept., SCH University, Asan, Chungnam, Korea (2004.3 - 2006.2):

Research in ubiquitous computing and communications; Teaching in digital technology and RFID

Research Project: 'RFID Test Lab. Development Strategy', 2005.1 - 2005.3, funding from EPCglobal Korea

Sr. Advisor, Semiconductor Device Division, Samsung Techwin, Seoul, Korea (2004.5 - 2005.4):

Technology and businesses strategy for RFID

Adjunct Professor, Radio Communications Institute, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea (2003.3 - 2003.12):

Teaching in RF and microwave technology

Research Project: 'RFID Payment Standards Roadmap', 2003.9 - 2003.11, funding from Korea Electronic Payment Industry Association

Consulting Fellow, Technology Center, Korea Telecom, Sungnam, Gyunggi, Korea (2003.6 - 2003.12):

Strategic planning for emerging technology business in Telecommunication

Executive Engineer, R&D Planning Dept., KMW Inc., Hwasung, Gyunggi, Korea (2002.3 - 2002.10):

Director of R&D planning department; Wireless communication devices and systems R&D strategy; Standardization of smart antenna systems for 3G mobile communications

Research Professor, Information & Telecommunication Research Institute, Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea (2001.1 - 2002.2):

Research in RFIC for mobile communications; Research for RFID standardization policy; Teaching in semiconductor devices

Research Project: 'RFID card system technical standards', 2001.3 - 2001.12, funding from Ministry of Information and Communication

Visiting Scholar, School of Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA (1999.8 - 2000.1):

Research in New Semiconductor RFIC Devices

Research Project: 'RFIC design for CDMA mobile systems';, 2001.1 - 2002. 2, funding from MTC Inc.:

Chief Research Officer, Radio Research Laboratory, Ministry of Information & Communication, Seoul, Korea (1996.11 - 2000.12):

RF measurement technology development: Antenna, RF System, EMC; Emerging technology strategic policy planning: 2G-3G mobile technology, RFID, Bluetooth, UWB, BWA; Wireless communications standardization: ITU-R

Korea NSF Post Doc. Fellow, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (1996.3 - 1996.8):

Computer simulation research for astrophysical plasmas


USPTO Registered Patent Agent (Reg.#63339)

Korea Certified Valuation Analysts


American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)

Boston Patent Law Association (BPLA)

Licensing Executives Society (LES)

Patent Information Users Group (PIUG)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)



Next Generation Wireless Internet Technology, Jin Han Book Co., Seoul, Korea, 2003

Korean Translation of RFID Handbook, Young Jin Dot Com Co., Seoul, Korea, 2004 Link

Korean Translation of UMTS & Mobile Computing, Jin Han Book Co., Seoul, Korea, 2003

Korean Translation of Pervasive Computing Handbook, Jin Han Book Co., Seoul, Korea, 2003


US6956528 (Granted Date 20051018) Download

KR0417493 (Granted Date 20040126)


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'IT & Telecom Strategic Business Development: New Opportunities in Testing Market', TechIPm, LLC's research report (2009) Download

'Strategic Options for Obama's Broadband Stimulus Initiative: S. Korea's Experiences for Reference Strategy', TechIPm, LLC's research report (2009) Download

'Trends & Issues with Strategic Patent Management for Mobile Communication Technologies', PATINEX 2009 (2009) Download

'LTE & 4G Mobile Innovations and Strategy Executive Briefing 3Q 2009', TechIPm, LLC's research report (2009) Link

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'Korea's High-Tech Utopia, Where Everything Is Observed', New York Times Interview (2005) Link

'National Government as an Incubator for Broadband Distribution in South Korea', book chapter in "The Promise of Broadband Wireless Communities", The United Nations ICT Task Force (2005) Link Download

'RFID market developments in Korea', IDTechEx Interview (2004) Link

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